Health Screenings

Apart from diagnosing and treating complex diseases at our tertiary and quaternary care facilities, we pay special emphasis on preventive and periodic health checks that help to identify the major illnesses in time. The increasing risk of medical conditions can be managed effectively only when monitored periodically and following a disciplined and active lifestyle.

General Screening

Preventive care is considered as the cornerstone in delivering the healthcare. We offer various tests that help in maintaining general health and wellness, detecting the conditions that may develop in the later stages of life.

Liver Screening

Screening for liver disease will help the people by preventing the potentially life-threatening complications of liver damage with early intervention. This screening is appropriate for people who are at risk for developing liver diseases.

Heart Screening

Heart diseases are on the rise in India. We have initiated extensive heart screenings with a goal to identify heart diseases in its earliest and treatable stage. These screenings helps you to identify your risk factors, and the best ways to manage it.

Cancer Screening

Effective treatment of cancer depends upon early detection. We provide cancer screening which helps to detect cancer in early stages. The screening includes a battery of blood tests, special diagnosis and biopsies if needed to identify the disease at an early stage.