BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital drives breast cancer awareness


October is typically associated with breast cancer awareness, but it doesn’t mean that’s where it stops. BGS Gleneagles Global Hospitals, a part of Parkway Pantai, today organized a fashion show for a cause at the BGS Health & Education City, Kengeri, Bengaluru. The ramp walk was led by 20 breast cancer survivors.

Hosted by Sthree, the show featured breast cancer survivors, their loved ones and advocates while the BGS Cultural team and Prabhath Kalavidara Sangha provided entertainment for the occasion. The occasion was also graced by Smt. Thara Anooradha, renowned Cine Actor.

Sthree is a breast cancer survivor connect program from BGS Gleneagles Global Hospitals Bangalore that brings together individuals diagnosed with breast cancer and those who have undergone treatment and successfully battled the disease. This is a forum for breast cancer patients to draw inspiration from those who have survived the disease.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Jayanthi Thumsi, In Charge of Breast Oncology, BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital said that ignorance can be dangerous and awareness is empowering. “In our society, women tend to undervalue themselves and often do not prioritize their health. Cancer is undoubtedly a tough disease to beat. These brave survivors have been able to overcome this condition with the right treatment and unending support from family and the medical community. It has been so motivating to listen to their stories of hope and courage. At BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital, our mission is to drive awareness, encourage early detection and provide support services.”

A cancer survivor, Ms. Anupama, spoke about her battle with the deadly cancer and the support she got from the community at Sthree. She said ‘I am so delighted to be participating in this walk. For me, this is a moment of great pride. It’s been a tough journey to reach this far and I am a survivor today. I was ready to fight no matter what the outcome was and had a team behind me not only at home, but at the hospital. My sincere thanks to the doctors who guided me in understanding the treatment options and cope with the physical and emotional side effects.”

Regular breast cancer screening gives you a better chance of early detection and successful treatment. It is important to note that knowing what to look for is not a substitute for screening mammograms and other tests like breast MRI, which can help identify breast cancer in its early stages, even before any symptoms appear. When caught early, localized cancers can be removed without resorting to breast removal (mastectomy). Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, though millions of women are surviving the disease thanks to early detection and improvements in treatment. Male breast cancer is not uncommon and must be taken seriously too.

Mr. Thomas Mathew, Chief Operating Officer, BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital Bangalore said “BGS Gleneagles Global Hospitals is committed to the cause of breast cancer awareness and conducts regular initiatives and outreach programs through Sthree. The support group seeks to heal, empower and energize those patients who are undergoing treatment for breast cancer. This initiative has been made possible because of the passion of the breast cancer survivors treated at our hospital. The survivors are available to speak to cancer patients and answer their queries, address their concerns, and counsel them about cancer treatment.” 



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