Bone marrows are usually found in the large bones of the body. Their function is to produce different types of blood cells. Bone marrow transplantation is a procedure, where the diseased bone marrow is replaced with a healthy one. This healthy bone marrow can be harvested from a donor, or from the patient himself. This treatment is usually performed in patients who have blood cancers or any other disease that affects the structure and function of the bone marrow.

At Gleneagles Global Hospitals we understand the intricacies of this kind of niche procedure, the success of which depends upon the quality of the harvest, the technique of transfusion, and the post-transplantation care of the patient to prevent complications. Hence, we have set-up a state-of-the-art laboratory and requisite transfusion facilities to provide the best-in-class service to people opting for bone marrow transplantation.

The centre for Bone Marrow Transplant at Gleneagles Global Hospitals is a centre of excellence that has created a record of successful treatment with superior care. Our doctors and technicians are well trained and possess several years of experience in this field of work. We aim at making a difference in your life by providing you with our best treatment to help you lead a healthy life.

In a bone marrow transplant (BMT) it is actually the HSC which are transplanted to replace damaged or diseased cells in the marrow with the cells of an apparently normal person. This is called an allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT). A bone marrow transplant (BMT), also called a stem cell transplant, is a procedure in which diseased or damaged bone marrow cells are replaced with healthy ones. This procedure is performed after a patient has high-dose chemotherapy or radiation. Conditions successfully treated with BMT include cancers, such as leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma and solid tumors, as well as aplastic anemia.



Below mentioned disorders are treated by bone marrow transplantation:


Thalassemia is a genetic or inherited blood disorder that involves the formation of abnormal hemoglobin. The disorder causes destruction of a large number of red blood cells leading to severe anemia.


Aplastic anemia is a condition in which the body stops producing new blood cells.


Multiple myeloma is the cancer of the plasma cells; the cells responsible for producing the antibodies that help fight infections. In multiple myeloma, release of excess protein called immunoglobulin causes organ damage.


Lymphoma is a form of blood cell tumor where the cancer develops in the lymphocytes (infection-fighting cells of the immune system).


Leukemia is the cancer of bone marrow or the blood. It involves abnormal production of the blood cells, especially leukocytes.





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We aim at offering best treatments and great outcomes. Bone marrow transplantation department offers both allogenic and autologous transplant using bone marrow and cord blood stem cells.


In an autologous transplant, the patient’s own stem cells are collected during remission and transplanted back to form the healthy blood cells. Before transplantation, the patient is treated with high doses of chemotherapy or a combination of chemotherapy and radiation therapy to eliminate the diseased blood-producing cells remained in the bone marrow. Then, the collected stem cells are transplanted allowing the bone marrow to produce new cells.

During the procedure, the surgeon transplants the stem cells in the patient’s blood stream in a similar way that they would administer blood transfusion. These transplanted blood cells move to the narrow spaces of the bone and then produce new blood cells.


In allogenic transplantation, the stem cells are obtained from the donor or donated umbilical cord. Initially, chemotherapy or the combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy is given to the patient to eradicate cancer cells or to suppress the immune system. Suppressing the immune system reduces the risk of transplant rejection. For the successful allogenic transplantation, it is important to find a suitable donor

During the procedure, the surgeon transplants the stem cells in the patient’s blood stream in a similar way that they would administer blood transfusion. These transplanted blood cells move to the narrow spaces of the bone and then produce new blood cells.


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