Dr Aarti Ullal

Dr Aarti Ullal

MBBS, DNB, F.Diabetology


Locations :

Parel, Mumbai

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Dr Aarti Ullal is a diabetologist with 9 years of experience. After completing her M.B.B.S, she completed her D.N.B in Family Medicine (Mumbai). Dr Ullal has done a fellowship specializing in Diabetology at the P.D. Hinduja National Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai.

Dr Ullal has worked with many prestigious hospitals in the city and has been affiliated with Global Hospitals (Mumbai) since the last six years.

Professional Experience

9 Years of Experience

  • Present

    Consultant at Global Hospitals, Mumbai


Dr Ullal et al on “Comparison of glucometers used in hospitals and in outpatient settings with the labpratory reference method in a tertiary care hospital in Mumbai”, published in Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism