The department of General surgery deals with diseases which require surgical management. The broad categories of diseases covered include

  • Alimentary Tract, like Perforations, Appendicitis, Intestinal obstruction, Chronic pancreatitis
  • Abdomen and its Contents, like Splenectomy, Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
  • Hernias, simple / complicated, Inguinal / Femoral, Incisional, border hernias.
  • Breast diseases
  • Endocrine like Thyroid diseases
  • Trauma
  • Skin and soft tissue including tumors, cysts, Varicose veins, Fasciitis
  • Surgery for Hydrocoele, peripheral vascular disease, complications of Diabetes like Diabetic foot

The department has skilled Surgeons who offer excellent results utilizing the latest surgical techniques and superb clinical care to ensure patient safety and satisfaction. The department offers the entire spectrum of General surgical care with the latest technology including Laparoscopy, fully equipped operation theatres, state of the art laboratory with all imaging modalities available in house.

The Department also offers regular clinics for Obesity, Hernias, Hemorrhoids, fissure and Fistulae.

The Department has Skilled Surgeons who regularly deal with complicated Surgical conditions like recurrent incisional hernia with loss of domain requiring complex repair with Biomesh. Most Hernias are dealt with Laparoscopically ensuring minimal pain / discomfort, short hospital stay and quick return to work. The Department is backed by a comprehensive Surgical ICU with dedicated intensivists to help manage sick patients who need multidisciplinary care and complex surgery like extensive necrotizing fasciitis, Trauma and complicated intestinal perforations / enterocutaneous fistulae.

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A groin swelling is commonly due to a muscular weakness resulting in a hernia (Inguinal). A Hernia needs to be repaired surgically. The best results of repair are obtained with use of reinforcement, i.e. using a mesh. Most hernias of the Inguinal region (groin) can be repaired Laparoscopically (Key Hole Surgery). After giving the patient anesthesia, using tiny key holes the defect in the muscle is repaired Laparoscopically and reinforced with a Mesh. The patient is usually discharged after 24 hours with no major restrictions and is able to resume work quickly.



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