Gleneagles Global Hospitals Bangalore drives breast cancer awareness


Bengaluru, October 23, 2017 : Gleneagles Global Hospitals, a part of Parkway Pantai, today organized a breast cancer awareness mela in association with NA Haris Foundation and Citizen Welfare Association of Richmond and Langford town at Richmond Park, Bangalore.

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A free publicevent, ‘Catch It Early’ was hosted to promote early detection of breast cancerthrough self-examination and regular screenings. The program was inaugurated bySri NA Haris, MLA of Shanthinagar, and Thomas Mathew, COO, Gleneagles GlobalHospitals, Bengaluru. This event was organized with a self-examinationtutorial, coffee with cancer survivors, part of the breast cancer survivorprogram ‘Sthree’, and other activities to engage the whole family. Mr BhaskarChavda, Founder & CEO of MyOfficeCab – an environmentally friendly socialimpact startup attended as a Guest of honour and expressed his support of theevent. President of the local Citizens Welfare Assocation, Mr Edgar Britto andthe Local Corporator Mr Dwarkanath also addressed the audience and pledged theirsupport for the local community.

Speaking onthe occasion Dr. Jayanthi Thumsi, In Charge of Breast Oncology, BGSGleneagles Global Hospital said that Breast Cancer Awareness Monthprovides an opportunity for us all to focus on breast cancer and its impact onthose affected by the disease in our community. “Breast cancer is the commonestcancer seen in Indian women. It contributes to 32 % of women related cancers. 1in 29 women have a life time risk of developing breast cancer in India. Thoughthe magnitude of the disease is high, it is a very treatable disease. Breastcancer is one of the few cancerswhen detected early; the treatmentbecomes simpler, shorter and cheaper. And more importantly completecure is possible. AtGleneagles Global Hospital, our mission is to drive awareness, encourage earlydetection and provide support services.”

Regularbreast cancer screening gives you a better chance of early detection andsuccessful treatment.It is recommended that women above twenty years do breastself-examination once a month. Women above 40 years of age should get amammogram once a year. It is important to note that knowing what to look for isnot a substitute for screening mammograms and other tests like breast MRI,which can help identify breast cancer in its early stages, even before anysymptoms appear. When caught early, localized cancers can be removed withoutresorting to breast removal (mastectomy). Male breast cancer is not uncommonand must be taken seriously too.

Mr ThomasMathew, COO, Gleneagles Global Hospitals, Bengaluru said “The biggest challenge facing usis a lack of awareness of breast cancer. If we wish to tackle this, it isessential to detect it early, for which, awareness of symptoms is critical.Women undergoing cancer treatment endure a lot of emotional turmoil as alsotheir loved ones. With an aim of raisingawareness and to provide support, weregularly conduct outreach programs and awareness initiatives.TheGleneaglesGlobal Hospitals team is committed to the cause of breast cancer awareness andtreatment.”

Sthree is abreast cancer survivor connect program from BGS Gleneagles Global HospitalsBangalore that brings together individuals diagnosed with breast cancer andthose who have undergone treatment and successfully battled the disease. Thisis a forum for breast cancer patients to draw inspiration from those who havesurvived the disease.

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