Department of Heart Transplantation


Heart transplantation is a life-saving treatment option for a person suffering from various end-stage heart diseases. Organ transplantation is performed for patients who have received all other medical therapies, device treatment and surgical intervention options yet, have not recovered. In such cases, heart transplantation is the last resort recommended by doctors.

Gleneagles Global Hospitals presents to you the Department of Heart transplantation with an amazing team of Cardiologists and Cardiothoracic surgeons who are well experienced and have performed several transplantations in the past years. The doctors are trained from great institutions and their dedication and innovative techniques have always brought unfailing results.

The cardiac units and operation theatres are well equipped and care has been taken to make it patient centric. It has been made keeping in mind the comfort of our patients and to provide them with the best care and service possible.

A list of procedures is mentioned below to perform the heart transplantation.

  • Orthotopic procedure
  • Heterotopic procedure
  • Living organ transplant
  • Non-beating heart transplant

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Staying active will always keep your heart healthy regardless of weight. Performing regular exercise reduces your risk of heart disease.


Excess cholesterol gets deposited in the arteries obstructing the blood flow and increase the risk of heart failure or stroke. To keep your cholesterol at a healthy level, you must follow a healthy diet rich in HDL cholesterol.


High blood pressure is known to be a major risk factor for heart failure or stroke. Lifestyle changes make a lot of difference in keeping your blood pressure levels within normal range. Limiting excess salt diet also reduces your risk of developing high blood pressure.


Eating a balanced diet provides various nutrients that keep your heart healthy. A diet including fruits, vegetables, low-fat products, low salt and added sugars not only keeps your heart healthy but also helps in maintaining a healthy weight.





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A heart transplant surgery is suggested in severe cases of heart failure. It is also considered when the patient does not respond to other medications or medical procedures. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

During the procedure, the surgeon makes an incision in the center of the chest and opens the rib cage by performing sternotomy. A heart-lung bypass machine is connected which makes the blood circulate around your body. Your heart is then removed leaving behind a section of right and left atria. Then, the new heart is connected to the aorta and other main arteries. Once the new heart is able to pump the blood and is stable, then the heart-lung machine is removed. Finally, the incision is closed with suture and then covered with sterile dressing.

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