I feel so privileged to write this testimonial on Gleneagles Global Health City, Dr.K.Sridhar & his team. Me, Pavithra Sakthivel got a seizure (fits) early morning Feb 17th 2017 and was taken to emergency, sent for MRI from which I was diagnosed with Anaplastic Astrocytoma Brain Tumour Grade 3. Of course it was a scary diagnosis for me and my family as I was in good health most of my life. However, after Dr. Sridhar and his team doctors explained everything, I felt calm and got a positive thought that all would be fine. With confidence & faith on Dr K Sridhar and God, I underwent "Awake Craniotomy surgery" on Feb 20th 2017.The surgery took almost 6 hours to get completed. As my family waited anxiously Dr Sridhar and his team gave them the news they were expecting. The care and treatment post-surgery given by the entire team was tremendous. I was backto normal life from August 2017 which made my whole family ecstatic seeing my speedy recovery. All credits goes to my Doctors, friends and family. Thanks to Mr.Dhiyanesh, Mr.Sanjeev, Mr. Vijay, Ms. Vaishnavi and Ms. Gowri who are very friendly and caring that I will feel happy whenever I come to hospital. Ms.Sindhu,Dr.Sridhar's secretary was very helpful, friendly and have a kind demeanour. She always possesses a politeness in her speech when she speaks or answers the patients' queries. She is to be very much appreciated. Words cannot express the gratitude and appreciation our whole family have towards your wonderful treatment and post care given by you all. Let God give strength to Dr Sridhar and his team to perform more such miracles in future as well.

Pavithra Sakthivel

Treated for : Brain Tumour - 20 Feb, 2017

# BrainTumor

The great doctor I have ever met (Dr. K. SRIDHAR). He may be only doctor to others. But for me he is not only a doctor, second mother, who have second birth. He will be always in my prayer for his well being and long life. He should continue his selfless services for many more years. In Tamil there is a saying “No age to bless but bless him”. This aptly suits for me and Dr. K. SRIDHAR. And one more thing to say is about Dr.K.SRIDHAR Sir’s crew. I love this crew to the core. I want to be a part of it. Hopefully this should happen soon. Here I didn’t mention my thanks. Because thanks is a single word, that one word only not enough to express my thought.


Treated for : Neuro Surgery - 26 Apr, 2017

# Neurosurgery

My son meet with Accident on 06/05/2017 he suffered with Heavy Head injury (Multiple Fracture in spinal card, we admitted in Global Hospital on 6/5/2017. Dr. Sridhar (Dept of Brain and Neurology) was the Doctor who treated my son with his good experience in his surgery and save my son life. His treatment made my son recover fast. We are thankful ever to Dr. Sridhar and his team. Until my entire life, we are satisfied with his good treatment.


Treated for : Head Injury - 06 May, 2017

# Neurosurgery

15-Dec-2016 on that day in my life was the most memorable day. I don’t know nothing after 8.15 AM I was met with an accident very serious condition. After four days 19-Dec-16 I opened my eyes I thought that where I am? What I did here? Which place was this? One person asked me are you like to see your mom? Without knowing anything (why my mom came?) I said Yes. My Mom came and said you met with an accident. You are in unconscious for 4 days. Today you are normal. Hope with confident don’t panic we are with you. That words kept me with confidence 17 days am in Global. My dad Mom care me very well. Thats’y I am very good now. My Mom said you have to prove yourself so you have to go and rejoin the job. And now 31-May-17 I fully recovered with confidence and enjoying my life. So keep confidence we will achieve something in our life. Our parents is always with us in any situation.

M Tamilselvi

Treated for : Spine Problem - 15 Dec, 2016

# Neurosurgery

I met with an accident one year back. Actually I really don’t know how much worse my situation was, but my parents and relatives told me about my situation when I was brought to the hospital and till the time it became conscious and aware of what actually had happened to me and how worse it was. It was really a hard time for me and my family. Dr. K.Sridhar, he gave confidence to my family and I was being brought back to my normal life. Now it’s been one year after my accident, I am able to lead a normal life and normal activities like other people. It was all because with the support of everyone I am doing good.

Arvind G Kumar

Treated for : Spine Problem - 14 Jul, 2017

# Neurosurgery

R. Muralidharan, aged 50 years with symptoms of giddiness and sense of fainting approached Dr. Sridhar, (Head of Neuro dept). On his advise I was treated in this hospital as in patient for Neuro intervention. The procedure was done by Dr. Satheesh by placing a Stent in the blood vessel to remove the block. I had a blockages of 60% and above in the blood vessel to the brain. It was really a great and amazing experience in this Hospital. The way the treatment and surgical procedures were carried out. The care, hospitality and treatment of Dr. K. Sridhar & Dr. Satheesh has become an unforgettable part of my life. The dedication to the profession and care to the patients is uncomparable. The entire neuro team are doing an excellent job in saving life of patients. I pray for the wellness and prosperity of the Doctors and team of this hospital. With our whole hearted wish to all.


Treated for : Neuro intervention - 24 Jul, 2017

# Neurosurgery

I had severe pain in my back which was reaching above tolerable level. I had consulted many doctors who were suspecting gall bladder related problems. Finally I arrived at Global Perumbakkam – Sholinganallur Chennai for consulting. I was immediately directed to Neuro department and was advised for scans and diagnosis. This led to the surprising fact of my spinal chord getting pushed by Tumor. Immediately was directed to get operated for the earliest available date at Global. The operation relieved me from the pain. I was having and advised rest by doctor. I am overwhelmed by the wonderful attention by the team of Doctors at Global headed by Dr. Sridhar. Treatment and after operation procedures followed by them were excellent to my health. I am really praying God for all those who suffer like me to get the same kind of attention as I received from Dr. Sridhar and his Neuro department team, so that pain is by and large vanishing from them.

M G Muthu Balakrishnan

Treated for : spinal cord - 16 Jun, 2017

# Neurosurgery

On March 29, 2017 at 2.00 AM I met with an accident near Thiruvanmiyur. I was taken to Global Hospital, Perumbakkam – Sholinganallur. I suffered scalp laceration + Lt Ear lobe laceration & CT showed Rt SPH and L EFH. I underwent R. FTP craniectomy on 29/3/17, Lt Ear lobe suturing & scalp laceration suturing on 29/3/17. I was in critical condition and was admitted in the Head & Spine trauma unit for 7 days. I was unconscious for the first 2 days after that I regained conscious and started to speak with my family and friends. Day by day my condition improved and I started walking. On 4/4/17 I got discharged. My wounds Healed and my condition Improved well. After 2 months on 25/5/17 I came back (got admitted) for cranioplasty And I was really happy after my cranioplasty surgery (26/5/17). I was well and Happy and active after craneoplasty surgery. My parents were really Happy after seeing their son talking, laughing, walking, running. I thank all the doctors and all staffs in the Global Hospital Especially the Neuro Surgery Team. I was also thank God Almighty.

Jeffrey D Mal Dev

Treated for : Head & Spine trauma - 29 Mar, 2017

# Neurosurgery

I am grateful to the doctor and his team for the operation done of C5C6 disk replacement. I was very much fearful about the spine OT but after meeting with him I became relaxed and decided to do OT in this hospital. After the operation, I was put for 3-4 hours in ICU and thereafter transfer to ward. From next day I was doing my person work myself without any others’ help. And from second day, i was able to do normal day to day work even I started business over phone. As per my experience there should not be any fear for spine surgery if you are in good hand. Once again, I am thankful to the hospital and doctor’s team (DONS) for providing a best quality of service to the patient.

C A Amit Kumar Agarwal

Treated for : Spine Problem - 15 Jul, 2017

# Neurosurgery

I feel so privileged to write this testimonial on Global Hospital & Dr K Sridhar. I was feeling numbers on my left hand and diagnosed with tumour in spine during early April 2017. The initial reports suggested that the tumour is in critical par of my spine and can potentially paralyze my body. I was worried and upset with the situation and I was down on confidence as I was not sure on whom to approach for the surgery. By God’s grace we found Dr K Sridhar who is a neurologist in Gleneagles Global hospital. Doctor saw the reports and immediately asked me to fly down to Chennai for the surgery. The moment I met him and the manner in which he spoke to me, provided the confidence that I can cross the biggest hurdle of my life. I feel being a patient, mental strength is really required to overcome any sort of illness. Dr K Sridhar apart from being the best surgeon, understands patient feeling very well.
With confidence & faith on Dr K Sridhar and God. I went on to face the most important day of my life. The surgery took almost 12 hours to get completed. As my family waited anxiously Dr Sridhar and his team gave them the news they were expecting. By 9 in the might I got my consciousness back and I felt that I have crossed the hurdle. Dr K Sridhar spoke for me post surgery and provided confidence once more. I am not feeling any numbness now and I am perfectly alright. Before this surgery I used to feel doctors are next to God but Dr K Sridhar has proven me wrong. Infact, he is my GOD who saved my lifeand provided me the rebirth. Thank you Dr Sridhar and team. Special thanks to entire working staff of Global Hospital who took care of me during my admission. Let God give strength to Dr K Sridhar to perform more such miracles in future as well.

Tribikram Harichandan

Treated for : Brain Tumour - 14 Jun, 2017

# BrainTumor

"Dear Dr. Sridhar,
As requested for I am glad to give this feedback & testimonial regarding the treatment and my experience at Global Hospital and Health City.
During the third week of October I felt a general tiredness for two days. On the third day I sensed some reflex problem in my left arm.
When the problem persisted for two more days I consulted a neurophysician at Cosmopolotan Hospital in Trivandrum.he asked me to get a CT scan and later an MRI done and the problem was diagnosed. Apart from the slow reflex there were absolutely no other symptoms.
I discussed my problem with my son, Sanjay & his wife, Shalu and they said that the most renowned neurosurgeon of the world, Dr. K Sridhar is heading the Neurosurgery department at Global Hospital & Health City, Chennai. We got an appointment through Dr. Sruthi Chandrasekaran, Endrocnologist at Global Hospital.
Apart from the weakness in my left arm and leg there were no other symptoms. Of course ,I was mentally disturbed when I was diagnosed with brain tumor.
The tumor was successfully removed by Dr. Sridhar and his team and the followup treatment was excellent and I am almost back to leading a normal life.
The team of doctors headed by Dr K Sridhar, who treated me is excellent. At the very first meeting they put me at ease, answered my questions patiently, were very frank and open while discussing my problems and the course of treatment. Their open discussion instilled confidence in me and provided the necessary confidence to face the difficult situation .Their approach motivated me to stay positive and to get back on my feet within a short time instead of worrying about the worst-case-scenario. Dr. K Sridhar's cheerfulness is infectious. Sindhu,Dr Sridhar's secretary was also very helpful.
Trust your doctors, follow their advice, remain positive and then leave the rest in God's hands.


Mallika Ramnath

Treated for : Brain Tumour - 15 Jun, 2017

# BrainTumor

I was suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia and had a terrible time day to day with my daily chores, from brushing, eating, drinking and even smiling. I had a traumatic experience of my life till I was taken to see Dr K Sridhar, Neurosurgeon at Global Hospitals, Chennai, who assured me a painless life after surgery. I believed in him and underwent the procedure.
I had lost hope of my life, because I heard that cranial surgery leaves a person with some defect later. I had total trust in him after God. I was afraid to undergo the operation. But when I opened my eyes, OMG - it was all over. I did not know that I had been cured. I did not feel anything and no fear - All Gone - Marvelous !! Superb hands did all the magic !! He treated me and Allah cured me!! Thanks Dr Sridhar and his team for all the dedication and love you show to your patients - You are my saviour after God!! Thanks once again. 

Mrs Kowsher Jehan

Treated for : Trigeminal Neuralgia - 30 May, 2017

# Neurosurgery