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On 24th October 2015, there was the sign of pain the legs, both left leg was more painful than right leg and slowly the right leg came more severely and by 2016 September both legs to a stand still (no practical movements) and left leg more painful without outside help normal activities cannot be done. We made our best efforts in Myanmar and also in Bangkok. No improvements. By 26 March 2017 admission was made in your Global Hospital and operated on 23rd March 2017. Since then slow improvement was seen discharged by 4th April 2017. There was a fast development during this period in the healing process. The efforts made by the physiotherapy specially by Purachi Rasan was really great. Very much thanks to the Chief doctor for his wisdom in the medical world. Thanks to all your staff who did their share in curing me and made me to become normal.

Rev Father Peter

Treated for : Leg movements - 26 Mar, 2017

# Orthopedic

Margaret from Kenya, suffered from a dislocated hip right from her childhood. A subsequent accident further complicated her condition and yet she found no reprieve. Finally, at BGS Gleneagles Global Hospitals Bengaluru she underwent a hip replacement surgery and is now walking perfectly well.

Margaret Wanjiru

Treated for : Orthopaedic Problem - 11 Jan, 2016