Dr Bhaskar M V

MBBS, MD (Pediatrics)


Locations :

Bengaluru, Kengeri

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Dr Bhaskar completed his graduation in medicine from Rajiv Gandhi University of Medical Sciences. He later got his post graduation in Paediatrics from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences. He has successfully completed the Neonatal Resuscitation training program and provider course in Pediatric Advanced Life Support,worked @AIIMS delhi for 1year.

Dr Bhaskar's skills demonstrate that his competence in securing intravenous/intraosseous access, lumbar puncture, pleural tap and paracentesis, in independent management of critically ill patients and in procedures such as liver biopsy but done under supervision.

He co-investigated research for 'Study of clinical spectrum of paradoxical reaction in children with tuberculosis' and is published in Topical Doctor and 'Case report of leucocyte adhesion defect respectively at various medical conferences. Although committed towards a career in the field of neonatology and paediatrics, Dr Bhaskar is also interested in creative arts like drama, skit and mime.