Department of Spine and Pain Management

Pain is the leading symptom for which patients visit the doctor. Pain Management is the practice of managing, preventing, treating, and diagnosing all pain-related disorders & conditions. Chronic pain (pain lasting more than 3 months) is now classified as a disease by WHO, and it should be treated before it becomes irreversible. Spine and Pain Medicine specialists helps patient to manage their pain and improve quality of life. The Department of Spine and Pain Management offers both curative as well as palliative pain management services.


The Department of Spine and Pain Management at Global Hospitals is one of the most advanced and world class facility. It employs advanced diagnostic methods to assess the severity and/or cause of a condition, and our pain specialist then relieve the pain with non-surgical pain management techniques. The Pain medicine practice also promotes disease prevention methods and provides education and awareness for pain. Pain medicine specialists employ a multi-disciplinary approach to provide a holistic and comprehensive management of diseases.

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