Pediatric Liver Intensive Care: Overview

Paediatric liver diseases are often genetically inherited and typically manifest as soon as the child is born or even later in childhood. There is a wide spectrum of acquired liver problems in children as well. These conditions require urgent and specialized care to ensure that the child receives appropriate treatment and can lead a normal healthy life.

Children could be born with a varied number of liver conditions. These conditions can be structural or functional in origin which can progress to end stage liver failure where liver transplant is the most effective and long-term solution. The advancement of medical sciences, proficiency of our surgeons and expertise of our paediatric liver intensivists allows us to employ liver transplant as a best available option for several liver-related conditions in paediatric population.




The Department of Paediatric Liver Intensive Care at Global Hospital, Mumbai provides comprehensive and advance liver care for children suffering from all types of liver ailments. Our team of expert liver specialists offer comprehensive evaluations to assess children prior to transplant, perform complex transplant surgeries and provide state of the art intensive care support in our dedicated Liver Transplant Intensive Care Unit. We are one of India’s premier liver transplant facilities with a specialized paediatric liver transplant program.




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