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Through this website our effort has been and will be to provide you updated and comprehensive information you are looking for; be it general healthcare topics, treatment of chronic/advanced medical conditions or assistance for your healthcare needs. Apart from our tertiary care services, this site will also take you through our quality standards and healthcare innovations that will help you in your decision making process.

Our Belief

At Gleneagles Global Hospitals, we believe in a very simple, yet powerful concept of healthcare i.e. COLLABORATIVE & COMPASSIONATE CARE. And this is the belief that has driven us to meticulously weave all the set of activities into our healthcare delivery process. With patients being at the center of consideration, we administer healthcare with certain principles, which includes "Involvement of all stakeholders including the patient - Transparency at every step of care to help informed decision making - Seamless collaboration throughout the process of treatment and cure - Providing an experience of care at home away from home, at our facilities".

Committed to Quality & Safety

It is our continuous endeavor to raise and surpass the benchmarks in the quality of care and provide the best possible outcomes.

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Partnering with our Community

For us, it's not only about treating ailments, but to enhance the quality of life of our community through various initiatives.

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Health Screenings

Apart from diagnosing and treating complex diseases at our tertiary and quaternary care facilities, we pay special emphasis on preventive and periodic health checks that help to identify the major illnesses in time. The increasing risk of medical conditions can be managed effectively only when monitored periodically and following a disciplined and active lifestyle.

General Screening

Preventive care is considered as the cornerstone in delivering the healthcare. We offer various tests that help in maintaining general health and wellness, detecting the conditions that may develop in the later stages of life.

Liver Screening

Screening for liver disease will help the people by preventing the potentially life-threatening complications of liver damage with early intervention. This screening is appropriate for people who are at risk for developing liver diseases.

Heart Screening

Heart diseases are on the rise in India. We have initiated extensive heart screenings with a goal to identify heart diseases in its earliest and treatable stage. These screenings helps you to identify your risk factors, and the best ways to manage it.

Cancer Screening

Effective treatment of cancer depends upon early detection. We provide cancer screening which helps to detect cancer in early stages. The screening includes a battery of blood tests, special diagnosis and biopsies if needed to identify the disease at an early stage.



Every day we strive harder to deliver a great patient experience which is not just the treatment but also your overall experience at any of our facilities


Stories of individuals who’ve overcome extraordinary odds to reclaim their health!

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Support Groups

At Gleneagles Global Hospitals, we understand that good health is not just about being disease-free. And being disease-free doesn’t just come from treating disease. We seek to promote an overall healthy life & offer an ecosystem that offers encouragement, support and hope.

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Brain Tumour Support Group

‘CONNECT’- a platform for patients suffering from brain tumours, to share their experiences, ideas and also provide emotional support.

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Breast Cancer Support Group

The Breast Cancer Support Group provides a platform to improve awareness on breast cancer as well as support for ladies diagnosed with the disease.



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As a socially-responsible organization Gleneagles Global Hospitals supports and champions various initiatives for public awareness and welfare. These initiatives are towards building, improving and sustaining health care delivery needs of the Nation. These initiatives are dedicated towards giving that optimism, healing, recovery and the strong belief that there is more to life.


September | 2018


Diet and nutrition forms an integral part of care in patients suffering from kidney ailments. One requires clear insights and right guidance on the metabolic changes nutritional requirements in such patients to maintain the quality of life and health.

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June | 2018

Educate a rural child

BGS Gleneagles Global Hospitals, is proud to support a societal cause like ‘Educate a rural child'. The hospital being the medical partner for "Run Addicts Team - A runner's club from RR Nagar, Bengaluru", conducted Basic Life Support (BLS) training session for its volunteers along with all medical support for the event on 10th June’18.

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January | 2018

Master Class in Liver Disease (MCLD)

The 8th edition of the ‘Master Class in Liver Disease (MCLD)’ being organized in Chennai – January 26th-27th, 2018. An impressive line-up of distinguished International speakers will engage the audience on the theme “Liver Disease & Transplantation – Care of the Critically Ill”, delving into a wide range of topics.

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Media Experts Speaks
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Infant mortality is one of India’s persistent health concerns. It is a well-established fact that breastfeeding reduces child mortality and has health benefits.

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multi speciality hospitals in india

Dr. Sneha Kothari noted that thyroid cancer incidence has more than doubled compared to the last decade.

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multi speciality hospitals in india

Immunization is vital for any person, whether a child or an adult.

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